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Manteo Library in Dare County The Kill Devil Hills Library in Dare County, North Carolina.

Library forms

How Do I?

How Do I Get A Library Card ?
You must present a picture I.D. with a current address, or, present two current forms of identification from the list below

  • Current driver’s license
  • North Carolina D.M.V. identification card
  • Current rent receipt
  • Current utility installation receipt or utility bill
  • Pre-printed address on a personal check or bank statement
  • Vehicle registration
  • Property tax receipt
  • Passport
  • Military I.D.

Persons who reside elsewhere, but own property within Dare County, will be treated as “adult” borrowers with all the same privileges.  Without local proof of address, property ownership must be verified via Dare County tax records.

Children from birth to age 12 may obtain a card by having a parent or guardian sign the application. 

Teens, ages 13-17, may obtain a card by showing an appropriate I.D., including a High School I.D., or by having a parent or guardian sign the application. 

Visitors providing proper identification are eligible to borrow materials, but may not place “holds”.  Visitors do not receive cards.

No card is needed in order to use a library computer.

How Long Are Library Cards Good For ?
Manteo InteriorWith the exception of visitor cards, all library cards are valid for one year.  After one year, patrons will be required to verify that the information on file for them is accurate and complete.  Visitor cards are valid for the length of stay in Dare County.

Library patrons are responsible for notifying the library promptly of any substantive change to their patron information, including name, address, phone number, and email address.

It is the patron’s responsibility to notify the library promptly if their library card is lost or stolen so that they can avoid being held responsible for materials.

How Do I Find Out What The Library Has Available?
Our Online Catalog is available from any internet-accessible computer. Just point your web browser to www.earlibrary.org

Our catalog allows you to search an individual library or the combined holdings of the three libraries in Dare County (Manteo, Hatteras, and Kill Devil Hills) as well as the Pasquotank-Camden, Currituck and Corolla libraries.  Circulating items owned by any library can be sent by courier to the library where it is most convenient for you to borrow.  This is a free service.

How Long May I Borrow Materials ?
Most materials check out for three weeks. New adult fiction books circulate for two weeks. You can renew materials in person, over the telephone or via the internet for up to two additional loan periods, as long as no one else has requested them.

How Do I Request Materials ?
If the item you want is checked out, we will be happy to reserve it for you.  You can do this in person, over the phone, or by logging into “My Account” via our Online Catalog.  If the item is held by any of the other E.A.R.L. libraries, we can get it sent to the library most convenient to you via our thrice weekly courier service, then notify you when it arrives. Persons with “arrived holds” will be to be notified by phone or email.  Materials will be held for three (3) business days after notification.

What If The Library Doesn't Have What I am Looking For ?
We will often purchase new books of general interest that a patron requests.  We also offer an Inter-Library Loan service, where we request materials to be sent from public and academic libraries throughout the state and country.  There is a $1.00 fee for this service to help defray to cost of postage.

Where Can I Return My Library Materials ?
Manteo Book DropYou can return library materials to any of the libraries in Dare County, Currituck County or Pasquotank County, no matter which library you borrowed them from, or which library owns them.  For your convenience, there are book drops located in front of each of the libraries and at Southern Shores Town Hall, Nags Head Town Hall, Rodanthe between Hotline and the EMS Station, and Buxton on the porch at the Fessenden Center.

For a map of book drop locations, click here.

What About Overdue Charges ?
Fines are 5¢ per day. There is a five-day grace period before fines start accruing, but after five business days, the fine reverts to the original due date.  If you have fines, call the library to renew items and stop fines from accruing.  Signing up for email notification could ensure that you will never have an overdue item again.  A courtesy reminder email will automatically be sent to you 48 hours before any items are due.

Borrowing privileges will be withdrawn when overdue fines total more than $5.00. You will be unable to place “holds” and renew through the Online Catalog until fines are paid down below this amount.

How Do I Access My Account Online ?
From numerous locations on our Online Catalog, www.earlibrary.org, and the upper right-hand corner of this web page look for “My Account”.   By logging into “My Account” via a secure password, you have private access to your account, so you can see a list of all the items you currently have out and their due date.  You can also renew items you have out and place hold requests for materials owned by any of the E.A.R.L. libraries.  To access “My Account” you will need to have your library card, and the library will need to set you up with a PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Detailed information on “My Account” is available here.

Adobe Reader SoftwareDownload free Adobe Reader software.


  • Library computers are available to use for free on a first-come first served basis.  You do not need to have a library card or be registered with the library in order to use one of our computers.
  • There is a 30 minute time limit when others are waiting.
  • Internet printing (black and white only, no color) costs 10 cents per page. You are required to pay for all pages you Manteo Computersprint, whether by mistake or not.  If you are unsure, please use the “print preview” option or ask for assistance before printing.
  • Our public computers have Windows XP Professional, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Word 2002, Microsoft Excel 2002, Microsoft Publisher 2002, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2002. 
  • Users may not download or install software onto library computers.
  • Users can retrieve and save files from and to floppy/personal disks, USB/Flash devices.  Users cannot save files to the hard drive.
  • Some information or images may not be suitable for viewing in a public setting.  Individuals are responsible for the sites they choose to access.  The library reserves the right to terminate an internet session at any time. Users who repeatedly violate internet rules may have their internet use privileges suspended.
  • The full E.A.R.L.  Internet Policy can be read here.

How Do I Access WI-FI ?
For laptop users, our libraries now offer wireless internet access.  Start your laptop and look for “East Albemarle Regional Library” to connect.   We ask laptop users to be extra cautious when looking for a place to plug in their laptops and to make sure power cords are not left in areas where other people may walk.

Please be aware that wireless access points are unsecured and are filtered to comply with Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) regulations.  Use of the East Albemarle Regional Library’s wireless network is entirely at the risk of the user.  The library disclaims all liability for loss of, or damages resulting from the loss of confidential information, including credit card numbers, passwords, and/or any other sensitive information.  Additionally, the library disclaims all liability for damages caused to hardware or software due to electric surges, viruses, theft, and/or hacking. The use of wireless for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited.

Library staff cannot troubleshoot problems related to their wireless device or assist in making changes to their device’s network settings and/or hardware configuration, nor can the library guarantee that their device will work with the library’s wireless access points. Patrons are advised to consult the documentation that came with their device or to contact the manufacturer if they need assistance.  Printing is not available via the wireless network. If you need to print, you must save your work to a portable USB/Flash device or email the files to yourself for printing at a later time.  Users with immediate printing needs need to sign in to use one of the library’s internet workstations.

How Do I Access NC LIVE ?
NC LIVE provides registered borrowers of Dare County Library access to online information through searchable collections of regional and national magazines, newspapers, and journal articles, electronic books, streaming videos, historical materials, maps, and more.  From inside the library – look for the NC LIVE logo on our homepage or click here.

NC LIVE is also available from any computer with internet access.  Please contact the Dare County Library staff for the correct password and log on instructions to access NC LIVE from work, school, or home.

For more information about NC LIVE, please click here.

Complete information on accessing all Dare County Library databases can be found here.

How Do I Reserve The Meeting Room ?
Manteo Meeting RoomThe Manteo Library has a meeting room available free of charge to non-profit groups for public meetings.

The meeting room has 40 chairs and 4 tables.

You may complete an application to use the meeting room and then leave your completed request at the library or fax it to the library at 473-6034. 

Our meeting room policy can be accessed here.

Please note that your meeting room request is not confirmed until you receive a copy of your application back from the library signed by an authorized library staff member.

How Do I Request Materials From Other Libraries ? (Interlibrary Loan)
Materials unavailable in E.A.R.L. may be borrowed through interlibrary loan.  However, current college textbooks, local history materials, and genealogy materials may not be borrowed through interlibrary loan.  Additionally, there is currently no borrowing of non-print materials (DVD’s, Videos, and Books on CD) through interlibrary loan.

There will be no borrowing of materials through interlibrary loan if those materials are owned by any of the E.A.R.L. Libraries. 

Interlibrary loan requests will be initiated only for Dare County residents and property owners.  

There is a nominal $1.00 fee for each interlibrary loan item requested to help defray to the cost of postage.  If an additional lending fee is to be assessed by the lending library, you will be notified, and must be willing to pay before receiving the material.

Overdue fines for interlibrary loan materials are 25 cents per day per item.

Interlibrary loans circulate for a period set by the owning library.

The fee for lost or damaged interlibrary loan materials is set by the owning library.

The determination of any renewal is at the discretion of the owning library, not us.

How Do I Donate Books To The Library ?
Manteo BooksThe library gladly accepts donations of “gently used” books.  Many used books are added to our collection or swapped out to replace well used copies that we already own.  We do not accept used textbooks or items in unsellable condition.   If you have a large number of books to donate, please call ahead as our storage space is limited.  The library is unable to offer a tax value for any used books donated to us.  Donated items we choose not to add to our collection are put in our on-going used book sale. All proceeds of this sale benefit the Dare County Library’s programs and collection.

How Do I Support The Library ?
There are many ways to show your support!  Click here for more information.